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Home – displays series of articles. This focuses on how to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs. The topics include;

  1.      Vegetables
  2.      Fruits
  3.      Herbs
  4.      Insects and other creepy crawlies
  5.      Diseases, disorders & pests
  6.      How to raise chickens: The C Files
  7.      Economic Vegetable Gardening
  8.      Solar Power & Off-grid Living

Here is the score chart I use for the ‘How to Grow’ profiles;

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About – A quick summary of where I am, what I do and what this blog is about.

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Article Series: Profiles & articles

Important Gardening Information for Beginners and Master Gardeners

  • Pest Control – Photos of prominent pests or diseases of the vegetable garden and environmentally friendly recipes for the control of these pests and diseases
  • Edibles – Botanical definitions of fruits and vegetables
  • Composting – Nutrition values for certain composting food additions and kitchen food as compost
  • Garden Guidelines – Guidelines that apply to all vegetable and fruits all year round
  • Garden Helpers – Overview of the animal kingdom and where each of the animals found in the garden fit and how they help to maintain your vegetable garden
  • Soil – Information on soil profiles around the world and which are preferable for agriculture and vegetable gardens
  • Watering – Hints and Tips on water collection and storage
  • Wormery – The low down on keeping earthworms for compost production

1) Vegetables

2) Fruits

3) Herbs

4) Garden Critters (Biological Control)

5) Pests

6) The C Files: How to raise chickens

7) Solar Power in South Africa

Other articles: Quick infomative titbits (In Order New-Older)

Sustainable, Productive & Economical Vegetable Gardening



Animals & WildLife

Vegetable Gardening

Compost & Bio-fertilisation

Weather & Seasons