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Frugal Living: Electricity & Water Saving Tips

Water Saving Tips

Here in the highveld, i.e., Gauteng region of South Africa, we don’t receive much rain during winter. Luckily the colder months and lower plant activity means that plants aren’t as thirsty either. However, let’s look at how to lessen your watering requirements even more, because let’s be honest now: Who wants to water when its cold? Your fingers practically fall off afterwards!

Winter Water Saving Tips

Thus, here are a few posts to get you winter water-wise! It is a good head-start seeing as were are still well in Autumn, especially for the more long-term solutions!

  1. Visit my Autumn Planner on how to cut down on water requirements by cleaning up the garden.
  2. Dry-Mulching (short-term) for quick and easy solutions! Find it after the Grey-water section.
  3. Living Mulch, Green Manures and Compost for the long-term
  4. Optional: General water saving tips in and around the house!

*I am completely aware of the picture’s inaccuracy – we don’t get snow in winter, but a picture of a drab bushveld is quite boring 🤣

EU electricity standards appliances
EU electricity standards appliances wikipedia

Electricity Saving Tips

Lately, the phrase ‘Deep Dark Bushveld’ has become more apparent than usual with our electricity supply being in the dumps! Thus, here are some electricity saving resources (and suggestions for alternate electricity generation for the home).

  1. Going Solar & Energy Efficient Household Use: Even if you can just install a partial solar (to run the energy hogs i.e., geyser, fridge and freezer and some emergency back-up lights) you would already be saving lots on electricity (and Eskom frustration!). There is even a section in the article link on induction cooking and geyser!
  2. Energy saving is made easy with Powertime Saving tips! A list of 15 electricity pain points to target in and around the house!
  3. All About Energy Efficient Appliances. Get all the info from labeling, to retailers and manufacturers from the Department of Energy website!
  4. I am going to provide you the link to more as an inspiration for all the places you can start saving!
think water together we can avoid day zero save water care a little coct.cowater-dashboard

Last Comments

Generally once you start to save on electricity or water you would find than savings for the one will assist with savings on the other. We run our entire household (+1 tenant) on solar (deep winter still gets a bit tight, but its manageable for those 2 weeks) and we are proud to say that the average household water usage is at 80 L per person per day (even with a tenant!) 😎. This is under level 4B water restrictions (87 L pp/day) and its a completely sustainable way of living (we don’t feel cheated in any way!).


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