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Blog Update & Plans 2019

Whisker Flowers (WF) is my reinvigorated blog inherited from Google Blogger, a move I made because Mr G was stomping the predecessor out of existence due to its search algorithm changes. Considering this continuation, WF is actually going into its 8th year online! Hence, all the thoroughly reviewed content. However, for these 8 years I… Continue reading Blog Update & Plans 2019

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An Introduction to the Soil Micro-Ecosystem

To the majority of people soil is just soil – a sandy/clay substance in which plants grow and where little boys dirty their clothes, but to the savvy vegetable gardener, we know that the soil is the essential foundation from whence plants gain their nutrients. Without the correct balance of nutrients; plants grow poorly and… Continue reading An Introduction to the Soil Micro-Ecosystem

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Penny Royal: The Living Mulch

I can get really tired of weeding and become irritated when new ones pop up in the garden, especially in the areas that border my veg plots – AKA ‘The Weed Zones’! So I decided I would like to plant something there that would compete and displace the weeds, preferably something that is useful to… Continue reading Penny Royal: The Living Mulch

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Friends of Free Wildlife

  FreeMe wildlife rehabilitation centre was a volunteer organisation run by a board of directors, a small core staff and volunteers. The volunteers were the main workforce behind FreeMe and their hard work and dedication has facilitated the care and release of orphaned, sick and injured indigenous wildlife. They founded FreeMe back in 1997 in… Continue reading Friends of Free Wildlife

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Utilisation of Kitchen Scraps

  Due to the technological and financial advantages of our modern age a lot of food simply gets wasted. You would think that with the development of all our superior food production and storage capabilities food will not go to waste so easily. The average person today is more wealthy that many medieval kings, yet… Continue reading Utilisation of Kitchen Scraps

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Sci-Fi Beehives: Smart Phones & Bee Messages!

  Bees are one of the most important animals when it comes to food production (a close second in my opinion after earthworms who supply healthy soil). Bees have been domesticated since antiquity; the ancient Egyptians depict workers smoking hives and collecting honeycombs in temple paintings dating before 2422 BC. Bee hives have taken on… Continue reading Sci-Fi Beehives: Smart Phones & Bee Messages!

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Sustainable, Productive and Economical Vegetable Gardening (Part 4): Vegetable Garden Planting Guide & Management

When you consider an ideal vegetable garden I imagine that many of you (as well as myself at one point too) had the following image in mind: Vegetables arranged in neat regimented lines or blocks containing one type of vegetable, perfectly bordered by some type of hedging and clear weed free paths between the planted… Continue reading Sustainable, Productive and Economical Vegetable Gardening (Part 4): Vegetable Garden Planting Guide & Management