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Thyme: How to Grow – Herb of the Month

Thyme stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising:5/5 – Very Easy, plant and leaveWater:1/5 – Minimal, weekly (especially in a container)Sun:5/5 – Full sunTraining:1/5 – Minimal (3Ds: Dead, damaged and diseased)Fertilise/Feeding:1/5 – Minimal (at least during the growing season)Time to Harvest:1/5 – Immediate (purchased a seedling) to Soon (from seed)Frost Hardiness:1/4 – Very Hardy (can’t… Continue reading Thyme: How to Grow – Herb of the Month

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Friends of Free Wildlife

  FreeMe wildlife rehabilitation centre was a volunteer organisation run by a board of directors, a small core staff and volunteers. The volunteers were the main workforce behind FreeMe and their hard work and dedication has facilitated the care and release of orphaned, sick and injured indigenous wildlife. They founded FreeMe back in 1997 in… Continue reading Friends of Free Wildlife

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Cucumber: How To Grow – Fruit of the Month

Cucumber stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 2/5       - Weekly check-up Water: 4/5       - Daily Sun: 5/5       - Full sun, no shade Training: 2-4/5    – Moderate (on trellis) Fertilise/Feeding: 3/5       – Moderate (monthly) Time to Harvest: 3/5       – Moderate (2-3 months from seed) Frost Hardiness: 1/4       – Very Tender (cannot take light… Continue reading Cucumber: How To Grow – Fruit of the Month

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Wild & Lawn Mushrooms

Fungi are fascinating organisms of which mushrooms or cap fungi are the most complex. I get very excited when I see one and have to stop and take some photos. We have a few popping up in our bushveld every year. I know what a few of them were, but one still remains un-identified. After… Continue reading Wild & Lawn Mushrooms