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Mint: How to Grow – Herb of the Month

Mint stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising:5/5 – Very Easy, plant and leaveWater:2/5 – Minimal, twice a week (especially in a container)Sun:3/5 – Full sun & dappled shadeTraining:1/5 – Minimal (3Ds: Dead, damaged and diseased)Fertilise/Feeding:1/5 – Minimal (at least during the growing season)Time to Harvest:1/5 – Immediate (purchased a seedling)Frost Hardiness:1/4 – Very Hardy… Continue reading Mint: How to Grow – Herb of the Month

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Penny Royal: The Living Mulch

I can get really tired of weeding and become irritated when new ones pop up in the garden, especially in the areas that border my veg plots – AKA ‘The Weed Zones’! So I decided I would like to plant something there that would compete and displace the weeds, preferably something that is useful to… Continue reading Penny Royal: The Living Mulch