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Beetroot: How To Grow – Vegetable of the Month

Beetroot stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 4/5 – Easy (monthly check-ups) Water: 3/5 – Moderate (high heat, every second day) Sun: 5/5 – Full sun, no shade Training: 1/5 – None Fertilise/Feeding: 1-3/5 – Moderate (growing, monthly) to Minimal (during root set, none) Time to Harvest: 3/5 – Moderate (2-3 months) Frost Hardiness:… Continue reading Beetroot: How To Grow – Vegetable of the Month

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Composting: Kitchen waste, NPK & Fertilisers

Home Style Composting Composting is a very important section of any good gardening book – but they all fail to mention how wonderful good ol’ kitchen waste is. Some say it takes too long to break down and that it must be degraded before planting... but that is a bunch of half-truths. Kitchen waste will… Continue reading Composting: Kitchen waste, NPK & Fertilisers