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Aphids – Pest of the Month

Aphids at a glance Type of Damage Pierce-sucking Plant Symptoms Stunted growth, leaf curl, transmit diseases Favourite Plant All plants Occurrence Year-round in areas with mild winters (SA) Distribution Worldwide Control Difficult, physical preferable, biological control agents available   Quick Intro Aphids are an ubiquitous pest species, if you have ever taken care of a… Continue reading Aphids – Pest of the Month

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Pest Control: Biological control; organic & green recipes

My philosophy on pest control: Effective – preferably works with the first treatment Environmental and people friendly – do not want to kill off all the helpers in the garden and certainly do not want to poison myself or wait for two weeks for the chemicals to degrade before harvesting Cheap and sustainable – made… Continue reading Pest Control: Biological control; organic & green recipes