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Mint: How to Grow – Herb of the Month

Mint stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising:5/5 – Very Easy, plant and leaveWater:2/5 – Minimal, twice a week (especially in a container)Sun:3/5 – Full sun & dappled shadeTraining:1/5 – Minimal (3Ds: Dead, damaged and diseased)Fertilise/Feeding:1/5 – Minimal (at least during the growing season)Time to Harvest:1/5 – Immediate (purchased a seedling)Frost Hardiness:1/4 – Very Hardy… Continue reading Mint: How to Grow – Herb of the Month

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Seasonal Rainfall Update: 2020

Introduction We have been diligently tallying our seasonal rainfall since 2013 throughout the El Nino drought years. Since 2014 South Africa has faced severe droughts, crippling the water supply, which treatened to leave Cape Town without water in 2018! The deepening of the drought years also meant that I had scaled down the vegetable garden… Continue reading Seasonal Rainfall Update: 2020


REBLOGGED Nature Conservation: The 100 million Euro Action Plan for Declining Insect Populations of Germany

Here is a quick nature conservation update, read more @ Mind Frame Shift!


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A reported 76% loss of insect biomass has occurred over the last 3 decades. This prompted the federal government to announce a €100 million “action plan for insect protection”

Their nine-point plan includes recommendations from leading entomologists:

  • Protection of insect-rich habitats, such as the semi-wild fruit orchards and stone walls of the countryside
  • Phasing out the herbicide glyphosate by December 2023, a broad-spectrum herbicide which destroys native habitats and plants
  • Decreasing light pollution that disrupts insect behaviour, such as foraging and mating especially of nocturnal insects.
  • Promotion and public education efforts nationwide for “insect-friendly gardens”.
  • €25 million will be dedicated to a nationwide biodiveristy study and monitoring program, which includes research and training on the causes of insect decline and the possible ways to address such.

Insects: Save Our Species Infographic

Why Is This Important?

  • Insects are responsible…

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Free Photos: WhiskerFlowers on Pixabay!

Wild Statice, Sea Lavender or March Rosemary Plumbaginaceae Pixabay Free Images All images are under the CC0 licence, which means they are in the public domain! Royalty Free Images for Personal and Commercial Use!You can Choose to make a Donation to the Image Contributor! Check Out WhiskerFlower's Pixabay Profile!

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Summer Garden Planner: Gauteng, South Africa

Summer is finally here after lots of rain along with the fourth edition of the Seasonal Planner series! This planner is targeted towards the Gauteng (Highveld) area of South Africa! Get the lowdown (or the highdown I suppose) on the Highveld Biome and Other South African Climates & Hardiness Zones here. 1. Similar to the Autumn,… Continue reading Summer Garden Planner: Gauteng, South Africa

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Kumquat: How to Grow – Fruit of the Month

KumquatCitrus japonicaFlora Japonica 1870Kurt Stober's Online Library Kumquat stats/requirements at a glance Ease of Raising: 3/5 Bi-weekly check-ups Water: 3-4/5 Every 2nd day to Daily Sun: 5/5 Full sun Training: 3/5 Some, pinching out growth or flowers Fertilise/Feeding: 3/5 Moderate, monthly Time to Harvest: 5/5 Forever, 5+ months Frost Hardiness: 4/4 Very hardy, can’t cope… Continue reading Kumquat: How to Grow – Fruit of the Month