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Advise for the Beginner Vegetable Gardener

Here I am going to provide a collection of articles, which will present the essential information for the beginner vegetable gardener or homesteader.

A Vegetable garden consists of 4 key systems: Soil, Water, Plants & Animals. These systems are connect and influence each other, which can be illustrated as follows:

Integrative Organic Gardening IOG garden blog south africa gauteng johannesburg roodepoort highveld
Integrative Organic Gardening IOG

The picture above comes from my Integrated Organic Gardening Post, which summarises the 4 systems in the garden. In order to establish a successful garden you have to take care of the soil first, followed by your water supply then adding your crops and dealing with the pest and predator fallout.

To get you started with this journey I have some key posts that you can read and have you making informed decisions:

Vegetable Basket Carrier Container Wooden Radish Tomato Onion

I am confident that these articles will allow you to setup and maintain your garden in an optimal way from the start. You will learn the basics while you get the pleasure of getting your hands dirty and see the crops growing. I will likely be posting a follow-up article to this to introduce your to more advanced gardening management methods and crops.

It is an ideal time (winter) to do some reading-up, preparing the soil and get your planning done in order for you to stand ready once my Spring Planner arrives!


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