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Blog Update & Plans 2019

Whisker Flowers (WF) is my reinvigorated blog inherited from Google Blogger, a move I made because Mr G was stomping the predecessor out of existence due to its search algorithm changes.

Considering this continuation, WF is actually going into its 8th year online! Hence, all the thoroughly reviewed content. However, for these 8 years I have mostly been keeping to the same content recipe:

  • 1x Featured profile post per month
  • 1x Other informative post per month
  • Alternated at 2 week intervals

These are usually large posts that require an enormous amount of input from my side. In order to distribute my workload more evenly across work, other personal projects and life in general; I am going to make a change to the frequency of these high-input articles. Also I want to draw upon WF’s archives with the aim of integrating related posts and highlighting the wealth of information already on WF.

I have a few ideas on how to deliver these ‘archive showcases’ and alternating with ‘gardening jobs for the season ahead’ by unifying 1-5 articles under a related category and briefly explaining how they link up.

As a result, the overall vibe of WF moves away from a purely reference-book style towards a more online library and gardening assistant.

Thus, new featured profiles will move to a quarterly time slot, whereas showcases/planners will fill in the remainder of the content on a monthly basis.

So keep a lookout for next month’s Seasonal Planner as I kick-off WF’s new monthly posting schedule!

PS: I also want to do something about the Post Indexing, seems this is a problem no matter which platform you use…


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