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State of the Blog Address: Move to Whisker Flowers Update

Whisker Flowers Blog Statistics State of the Blog Address Update

Alright – this is just a quick post to say that about 50% of my old gardening blog, back at Google blogger, has been moved to Whisker Flowers since November 2017. As such, I update each post that I move, which includes new content, photos and links! Whisker Flowers has a good deal of content already with 45 posts, averaging ~1500 word per post and ~8050 views in total at the time of this update!

Whisker Flowers Blog Statistics State of the Blog Address Crazy Cats Grafiti

I am very happy with the results of the move thus far as I was a bit apprehensive about it and whether I had steered my blog to its doom! LOL! Anyways, to keep me sane I have decided to half the amount of posts each month, to one every week for the remained of the year and then I’ll likely go back to my original once-a-month-posting schedule. By that time I will also be posting all new content, exclusive to Whisker Flowers! So stay tuned!

Here is something absolutely adorable to watch! I am sure that it will be a big hit amongst cat lovers should they ever decide to make a TV series based on it! 



Whisker Flowers


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