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Experienced Homesteader & Established Kitchen Gardening Blog Moving In!

My Homesteading and Kitchen Vegetable Gardening Blog was on Google Blogger since 2011, where I nearly reached half a million pageviews before Google’s algorithm change knocked out 80% of its organic search traffic. Google clearly doesn’t have appreciation anymore for the content and information source that I have built there. So I decided that me and my content will move to WordPress – and now I am here! 

Amanita muscaria fairy garden

I will be moving my content from my previous blog at two posts per week – I have over 100 articles with an average 2000 words, each full of pictures and links to other resources. It will take me a year to move all my content without breaking the internet (or myself) by moving loads of informative how to grow posts and more! I will decommission the old blog’s posts as I go and redirect traffic for the entire move duration, so that everyone can benefit. I have shed the old blog’s name and alias to take on a new persona to go along with its revival! Welcome to Whisker Flowers!


In the mean time, please read more about the blog on the About page. Some construction is still underway and the first post will be up on the 4th of November!


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